Steyning Osteopathic Clinic

36 High Street, Steyning, BN44 3YE

Tel 01903 813500

Steyning Osteopath

Steyning Osteopathic Clinic 01903 813500

Steyning Osteopathic Clinic

Steyning Osteopathic Clinic aims to provide the highest standard of structural and cranial osteopathy and physiotherapy in Sussex. We strive to identify the root cause of the problem and to fully rehabilitate the patient to prevent further episodes. This means we often work very closely with GPs, fitness instructors and other health care professionals.


The Clinic is located in Body Matters. This is a multi disciplinary healthcare building in the pretty Steyning high street. Body Matters houses pilates, yoga, and sports massage as well as Chinese acupuncture, nutritionists, podiatrists and physiotherapists. We are therefore able to cross- refer to enable optimal rehabilitation within the shortest possible time. Steyning is situated between Upper Beeding and Pulborough, in the heart of West Sussex.


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